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Motorization means your window treatments raise and lower using a motor rather than manual operation. At The Blind Buy in Helena, we take motorization to the next level by allowing you to control your window coverings with remotes, voice control, and apps on phones and tablets.

There are many reasons why motorization makes sense, and we’re excited to introduce you to all the options. The Blind Guy carries leading brands, including Hunter Douglas, Alta Window Fashions, and Graber®, to meet every window treatment need.

The Perks of Motorization

Motorization sounds interesting, but is it worth the investment? Only you can decide, but the benefits of motorized window treats will sway your opinion.


Kids and pets can become tangled in traditional pull cords, making them a safety hazard. Cordless options, including motorized window treatments, create a safer home for your family. Eliminating cords also gives your home a cleaner, more put-together aesthetic.

Energy Efficiency

The sun provides an excellent source of natural heat, which can lead to an uncomfortably warm house in the summer months. Conversely, leaving your shades closed at midday in the winter eliminates your opportunity to take advantage of this free source of light and heat. You can improve your home’s energy efficiency by setting schedules for automatic shades to open or close at opportune times throughout the day.


More and more of our personal information is available online all the time. This makes maintaining privacy in your home incredibly important. Have you ever gotten into bed or hopped in the shower only to realize your bedroom shades are open? With automatic shades, you can close them with a simple voice command without compromising your privacy.


People with mobility issues can have difficulty operating many window coverings. Power blinds and other motorization options provide independence by allowing people to use their window treatments safely. Highly placed windows like skylights or tall windows are another issue. Nobody wants to climb a ladder whenever the shades need adjusting, and motorization ensures you’ll never have to. Automation also solves the problem of windows located behind furniture. Instead of squeezing behind or rearranging the sofa, you can open your blinds with a remote or app.


Custom window treatments are a substantial investment, so you want them to last many years. A manual operation always involves the risk of pushing or pulling too hard or unevenly – motorized window treatments open and close with the perfect speed and force every time. Automatic shades are also used more frequently than standard window coverings because of the convenience, so you get more bang for your buck.

Motorization Brands at The Blind Guy


Motorization is available with many Graber® window treatments. Control your automatic shades using one of three methods:

  • App & Gateway: A home automation solution that allows you to control your shades and blinds using an app or voice control. Graber® motorization is compatible with many innovative home systems, including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, SmartThings, and Wink.
  • Remote: Options with two or three buttons or multi-channel.
  • Motorized Wand: A three-button cordless motorization solution attached to the shade so you always know where to find it.
A person sitting using the Virtual Cord app from Graber® near Helena, Montana (MT)
A person using the Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation App near Helena, Montana (MT)

Hunter Douglas

In its third generation of innovation, PowerView® Automation from Hunter Douglas is the winner of the 2023 Mark of Excellence Award for Automated Shade Product of the Year, presented by the Consumer Technology Association. The system has wireless and hardwired setups to accommodate any number of windows. Operate your power blinds with the easy-to-use PowerView® App or the handheld Pebble® Remote. The PowerView® Gateway integrates with popular smart home systems and allows you to access Remote Connect to operate your window coverings from anywhere.

Alta Window Fashions

Motorized window treatments from Alta Window Fashions combine stunning good looks with smooth, quiet operation every time. The brand offers two cutting-edge automation systems to meet any homeowner’s needs.

  • Somfy® Automation: Choose from a range of ultra-quiet motors that can be operated using the TaHoma® App and TaHoma® Bridge for integration with smart home systems and the convenience of voice control. RTS controls, including the Situo® Remote and Smoove® wall switch, increase the versatility of your motorized window treatments system.
  • Bliss™ Automation by Alta: This automation system features advanced technology with a user-friendly design. The Bliss™ USB Bridge is compatible with many home automation systems, including Control4. Take control of your automatic shades on the go using the Bliss™ Automation by Alta App or the Bliss™ Remote. For in-home control, state-of-the-art lithium-ion rechargeable batteries provide up to 500 up/down cycles using a single charge.
A person using Alta Somfy® Automation app with window treatments near Helena, Montana (MT)

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