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Exterior Shade Solutions

For 15 years, The Blind Guy Helena has provided top-quality custom window treatments to the area surrounding Helena, Montana. We carry every type of window covering, and that includes exterior shade solutions. Exterior shades, awnings, and sunscreens are just as important for UV protection, and energy efficiency as our selection of interior window coverings are. We carry exterior shades from Insolroll® and a selection of awnings and exterior shades from Sunesta®. Whether you are looking for a sunscreen solution for your windows, porch, sunroom, patio, balcony, deck, pergola, or other outdoor structure, our selection has literally got you covered.

Benefits of Exterior Shades & Awnings

  • Glare Reduction: Our exterior shades can be used on the outside of your windows to stop UV rays before they even reach your home. Using them this way is like putting a pair of sunglasses on your house. You can reduce the sun’s glare and still enjoy the view outside your window. Because these shades are on the exterior of your home, they also won’t detract from your interior decorations.
  • Decrease Heat: Awnings and exterior shades keep the sun’s rays from reaching your home, preventing the windows and exterior walls from even heating up in the first place. This means that exterior shades and awnings can provide even more cooling power than interior shades and blinds. Sunscreens can keep the area cool when used on decks, patios, and porches.
  • Keep Out Light: Our selection of sunscreens, exterior shades, and awnings are available in a selection of fabrics that range from translucent to opaque. This allows you to control the amount of light you let into your home and outdoor spaces. We also carry exterior blackout shades that can make your porch, deck, patio, or pergola a great place to watch a movie or use your computer.
  • Protection From the Elements: In addition to protecting your home from harmful UV rays, our exterior shade solutions offer protection from other elements. Awnings protect your exterior spaces from rain, sleet, snow, and hail. Pairing awnings and exterior shades can also provide protection from the wind and even objects like golf balls.
  • Block Insects: Our exterior shades can be a solution for areas and seasons when bugs become a problem. Insolroll® offers an external shade solution that features four sealed edges and a specialized sunscreen material that keeps out all sorts of bugs. Their fabric offerings include fine screens that can keep out even tiny “No See Um” biting midges. You can turn your deck, porch, patio, and pergola into a peaceful outdoor oasis with our insect shades.
  • Custom Fit: Like all of our interior window treatments, our exterior shades and awnings are custom-fit to your home. They are designed to cover everything from small windows to garage doors to full decks. Our expert team will help you measure the space and find the perfect coverage for your home.

Our Product Styles

At The Blind Guy Helena, we strive to carry brands that we believe in, and that is why we have chosen to carry exterior shades from Insolroll® and sunscreens and awnings from Sunesta®. Insolroll® is known for its high-quality materials and its unique product innovations. Their most recent innovations include locking chain guides, motorized shade systems, and high-performance fabrics. What sets Sunesta® apart is its customization options. Their exterior shade solutions come in 25 different materials, and you can also select from five different frame colors. Sunesta® also offers features like home automation and power motors for their awnings, sunscreens, and exterior shades.


  • Oasis® 2600 Patio Shades
  • Oasis® 2700 Patio Sun Shades
  • Oasis® 2800 Patio Shades
  • Oasis® 2900 Patio Insect Shades
Insolroll® Oasis® 2600 Patio Shades, Exterior Shade Solutions, Awnings, Sunscreens, Exterior Shades near Helena, Montana (MT)
Sunesta® Retractable Patio Awning, Exterior Shade Solutions, Awnings, Sunscreens, Exterior Shades near Helena, Montana (MT)


  • The Sunesta® Retractable Patio Awning
  • The Sunstyle Retractable Patio Awning
  • The Sunlight Retractable Patio Awning
  • The Sunbrero Window & Door Awning
  • The Sundrop Retractable Window Awning
  • The Sunroll Retractable Exterior Screen
  • The Sentry Retractable Exterior Screen
  • The Sunplus Retractable Shelter with Rain Gutters

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Whether you are looking for exterior shade solutions or interior window coverings, The Blind Guy Helena has precisely what you need. Our team would love to show you all of our options, talk to you about your goals, and help you find a sunscreen that matches your style and budget. We offer free at-home estimates where our team brings our exterior shade solutions right to you. You can contact us online or call (406) 442-0095 to set up an appointment. The Blind Guy Helena is locally owned and operated, and we proudly serve Helena, Montana City, Boulder, and Garrison, Montana.