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Achieve Lower Energy Bills with Automated Shades

Automated shades near Helena, Montana (MT), that reduce energy bills and make operating your windows easy

Achieve Lower Energy Bills with Automated Shades

As we head into the thick of winter, you might be noticing a few things. The weather is colder, the cocoa is hot, lights are strung around homes…and your electric bill is through the roof. It’s not exactly a surprise, given that we tend to crank up our heating systems the most this time of year. Still, it is never fun to receive high energy bills around this time of year, especially when holiday shopping is at the forefront of our minds. What is one to do when they want a comfortable home and low energy bills? We’ve got you covered. Fortunately, you can achieve lower energy bills with automated shades this winter season. Read on to discover the many benefits of PowerView® Automation from Hunter Douglas below.

Introducing Automated Shades

If you are not familiar with automated shades, then you are about to learn about one of the coolest inventions in the window treatment market. PowerView® Automation from Hunter Douglas automatically adjusts your shades via a pre-programmed schedule or in real time via an apple, remote control, or even your voice. Once set up, PowerView® Automationwill adjust your shades, blinds, or shutters based on your preferences without you having to get up and run around to each window in your home. The best part? PowerView® Automation works even if you are away from your home. No more forgetting to close your blinds when you leave the house for work.

Achieve Lower Energy Bills

If you are wondering how automated shades and reduced energy bills pair together, then you are in the right spot! Did you know that a majority of homes lose energy because of poorly insulated windows? Even if you do have thick window treatments, leaving them open or closed during certain points of the day can mess with your home’s comfort and cause the energy bills to climb.  In fact, up to 30 percent of our home’s energy loss is through our windows. Yikes!

This is where automated shades come in to help. PowerView® Automation can detect drops or increases in temperature within your home. Once this happens, the system will adjust your window treatments accordingly. This allows your home to have added insulation when the day gets cold and added sunlight when things heat up a bit with the rising of the sun. This adds heat to your home naturally and helps reduce your energy bills with time.


To learn more about achieving lower energy bills with automated shades, be sure to contact or visit us today at The Blind Guy. We are located in Helena, Montana, and proudly serve Helena, Montana City, Boulder, and Garrison, Montana. We cannot wait to help you find the perfect window treatments and systems for your home. Whether you are interested in energy efficient shades or a system that can reduce your home’s energy bills, we are here to help you find your match.