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Achieving UV Protection with Roller Shades

Adding UV Protection with Roller Shades near Helena, Montana (MT), to Protect Your Furniture

Achieving UV Protection with Roller Shades

True or false: you only have to worry about sun damage during the summer. Think you have the right answer? If you answered “False,” then you are correct! Even though sun damage is more prevalent in the summer, UV rays can seep into our homes and damage our flooring, furniture, artwork, and more. Does this mean that you have to throw blackout shades over all of your windows? Of course not! Fortunately, Hunter Douglas offers a window treatment that offers stunning fabrics, easy operation, and UV protection all year long. Learn the many perks of achieving UV protection with roller shades below!

Achieving UV Protection

Everyone loves enjoying a sunny day where we let the natural light fill our home. Of course, many autumn and winter days are filled with clouds. Even though the sun may not be fully out, it can still stream through these clouds and damage your home’s interiors. Fortunately, achieving UV protection with roller shades is easy thanks to their innovative fabrics. For example, our Hunter Douglas Designer Screen fabrics block between 86 percent and 99 percent of the sun’s damaging rays. This allows you to let natural lighting stream into your home without the worry of long-term sun damage. Designer Screen Shades also offer a variety of opacities so you can achieve varying degrees of visibility, privacy, glare, and UV control.

Achieving Custom Fabrics

In addition to achieving UV protection with roller shades, you can also achieve a custom look at each window. After all, what fun is decorating your home if you cannot make it unique to your tastes? In fact, our Hunter Douglas roller shades offer a minimalistic, modern profile with a variety of patterns and colors for a trendy look.

Adding Easy Operation

While looking at a gorgeous window treatment is nice, you will have to operate your shades multiple times a day. With this in mind, easy operation should be a key factor when searching for the right shade for your home. That is why another one of the benefits of adding Pirouette® Window Shadings to homes is effortless operation. This is thanks to the available Invisi-Lift™ system. This innovative system makes the shades appear as if they are floating on a single sheer backing to create an uncluttered style that offers unobstructed views. Plus, with a cordless design, you never have to worry about fighting with finicky cords, trips, or tangles. This is especially good to know if you have a home with small pets or children!

Achieving Easy Operation

What good is achieving UV protection with roller shades if they are a pain to operate? Luckily, our Designer Roller Shades from Hunter Douglas offer clean lines and an innovative-yet-straightforward operation. In fact, the Custom Clutch operating system features modern hardware and precision-engineered lift technology that not only delivers the smallest light gap in history, but also silent, smooth operation. This allows you to achieve privacy, light control, and more with ease. No more battling your shades.


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