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Top Three Benefits of PowerView® Automation

Top three benefits of PowerView® Automation near Helena, Montana (MT), like Voice Command

Top Three Benefits of PowerView® Automation

Living in the Digital Age comes with a plethora of perks. Our watches can make calls, our phones can connect us to people around the globe, and our cars can let us jam out to our favorite tunes with just the tap of a screen. However, did you know that the convenience that comes with this era is also available with your windows? Innovative and sleek, Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation lets you control your windows with the tap of your finger, touch of a button, or even the sound of your voice. This completely eliminates the annoying task of adjusting your shades throughout the day. Read on to discover the top three benefits of PowerView® Automation, including custom schedules, smart-home compatibility, and customization.

Create Your Perfect Schedule

When it comes to our daily schedules, no two days are alike. For example, marketing professionals might get up at 8 AM and come home at 5 PM while nightshift nurses start their day in the evening. This often results in people running around their home opening and closing their window treatments throughout the day and night. That is why one of the top three benefits of PowerView® Automation is custom scheduling. For example, that marketing professional can create a “Good Morning” setting on the PowerView® App that opens their blinds in the morning and a “Goodbye” setting that promptly shuts their shades as they go to work. Conversely, that nightshift nurse will never have to worry about shutting his or her blinds as they get ready to head out. This allows you to achieve your preferred levels of light and shade with ease.

Smart-Home Compatibility

Since we are living in a digital world, you most likely have a smart-device in your home that you love. That is why another one of the top three benefits of PowerView® Automation is that it is perfectly compatible with these third-party devices. With just the sound of your voice, you can adjust your window treatments in real time or schedule them to adjust in the future. Instead of running around your home, all you have to say is, “Hey Alexa, lower the bedroom blinds” or “Okay Google, open the kitchen shades tomorrow at noon” and let PowerView® Automation handle the rest.

Explore Custom Options

Are you more of an app person? Then you will love adding the innovative PowerView® App to your smartphone or tablet to control your windows. However, if you prefer something a little more tactile, then you will enjoy using the Pebble® Remote. Capable of controlling up to six window treatments at once or independently, this sleek remote control lets you achieve shade or sun with the click of a button. You can also utilize the PowerView® Hub to control your window treatments and store these custom settings via WiFi. Additionally, pairing the Hub with the PowerView® Repeater helps carry the signal of the Hub to avoid any lag throughout your home. With so many customization options, it is easy to see why this perk lands on our list of top three benefits of PowerView® Automation.


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